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Who Are We?

Our commitment is to make a meaningful difference.

At Child Care Therapy, we provide a variety of pediatric therapy services adapted to meet your child’s specific requirements. Our purpose is to assist children and their families in attaining their best potential and participating in and flourishing in life by providing speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy treatments that are dynamic and of the highest possible quality.

Our therapists work hard to provide detailed, intervention that considers each child’s unique capabilities and goals.

Through compassionate collaborations and high-quality person-centered practice and research, our ultimate goal is to radically improve the lives of children and those of their families, and the communities in which they live.

Our therapists maintain open lines of communication with the families we support and with their coworkers and other members of the team.


Although every kid is unique, our mission remains the same: to deliver pediatric therapies that are empathic and that put children in the best position to achieve the greatest amount of success.


To be an innovative leader in pediatric health and wellness by providing equitable clinical care of unmatched quality, maintaining an unyielding spirit of inquiry, and having compassion for all children and the families we serve. Children can participate in their communities and positively impact the world by developing their talents and picking up new skills that they can add to their toolbox.


Our past is filled with acts of compassion for patients and the therapists that care for them and the patient’s families. We do more than treat the child; instead, we emphasize providing treatment centered on the family as the foundation for compassion.


We adhere to the highest possible quality and safety standards, holding one another accountable for our actions. Our goal is to perform to the best of our abilities, and we are aware that each endeavor presents an opportunity for personal development and advancement.

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