Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT)

Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT)

What kind of interaction can I expect between pediatric physical therapists and my child?

The first step in assisting children and their families is conducting an interview, also known as a conversation, to determine the requirements of the child and the worries of the family. This is followed by assessing and analyzing the kid’s perspectives on their everyday lives. Our physical therapist will develop a plan of care for the patient that will contain the following components based on the findings of the evaluation:

• Activities related to the development
• Movement and mobility
• Strengthening
• Training of the muscles
• Maintaining equilibrium and coherence
• Playtime, recreational activities, and leisure time
• Adjustments made to the activities and schedules of daily care
• Equipment designing, assembly, and fitting
• Tone management
• Utilization of auxiliary aids and technologies
• Correct posture, stance, and lifting
• Orthotics and prosthetics
• Cardiopulmonary endurance

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