Pediatric Speech Therapy (ST)

Pediatric Speech Therapy

The capacity for effective communication is vital; it serves as the cornerstone of fruitful connections across the life span and in all spheres of endeavor. Children and adults convey their thoughts, emotions, and requirements through some form of communication, be it vocal or nonverbal. Learning and interacting with others are both aided by solid communication abilities.

When trying to help a child who is having trouble communicating or swallowing, the first thing that needs to be done is to have the child undergo an evaluation to determine their speech and language abilities and eating habits.

At Child Care Therapy, our multidisciplinary, family-involved approach has been helpful for several children who have had issues with their speech and their ability to eat and swallow.

In What Ways Will My Kid Benefit From Working With Pediatric Speech Therapists?

After the initial evaluation, our highly skilled staff immediately begins developing and putting into action treatment strategies to address communication issues and swallowing and feeding difficulties.

Our speech pathologists can help children who are having trouble with the following:

• Production of sounds related to speech
• stuttering
• swallowing
• non-verbal communication

Child Care Therapy uses speech-language pathologists who are highly qualified, licensed, and trained in their fields. In addition to this, many of our speech-language pathologists hold advanced credentials and have participated in advanced training.

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